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A wise one knows she has none.

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Thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Bumby from start to finish! The whole process was easy and painless, and I can say from experience that other boudoir photographers don't spend nearly as much time helping you choose outfits and even helping you narrow down your photos. Bumby also REALLY knows the poses and her ability to help you get into them is second to none.

I had been admiring Bumby's work for some time now. Finally I took the plunge after celebrating 5 years post transplant. (Leukemia survivor) My body was not where I wanted it to be nor was my hair as long as desired but none of that mattered. I've honestly never felt more sexy and confident! My favorite part was that Bumby lets you create your vision of what you want for your shoot. For me personally, I did not want to put on the traditional lingerie you may see in these shoots. I like to be what I call "sneaky sexy." I will cherish my photos forever and thank Bumby from the bottom of my heart. My advice... Don't think about it, just do it!

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Getting photos done at Bumby Photography was the best decision ever! I had so much fun and it was such a great experience. I loved every single photo!

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Yesterday was an amazing day. I started the day out second guessing myself, but that was gone by the time we started and it was just fun. I still can’t believe the photos, they taught me that even though I may not be a thin girl that doesn’t mean I’m not sexy as hell. Cuz they are 🔥

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Never thought I would ever do anything like this at 58 years old and not only enjoy it but highly recommend the experience to others. Bumby is professional creative 
Artistic and a phenomenal photographer with an eye for what works for each client. But truly is a wonderful caring warm person whose personality creates an empowering and comfortable fun atmosphere that brings out your true beauty by being yourself. Only better and truer without the editing we all like to self talk ourselves out of doing adventurous fun things. Take the leap girls. It was the best day and greatest gift you can give yourself. She’s terrific in every way. We all need and deserve a Bumby in our lives.

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Bumby is awesome! She is personable, genuine, makes you feel comfortable even when your not lol, and explains exactly how to pose and get ready for your pictures. Her studio is perfect too! She has so many different pieces to pose at and has so many ideas, she has a true eye for boudoir sessions. I couldn’t believe some of the photos I’ve seen straight of of the camera. I had a blast doing this session and Bumby was so awesome the entire time. I felt so sexy and confident. Sometimes as women we tend to tear ourselves down, but this session totally made me feel like a strong woman! 💓

A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear!

-Marilyn monroe

Boudoir FAQ

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Q: I am not the lingerie type of gal, can I still do boudoir?

Q: Do I need arrive hair/makeup ready?

Q: What if I have no idea how to pose?

Q: Do I need to bring my own outfits?

Q: Last question. How do I book?

A: Absolutely! Lingerie is not the only way to look and feel sexy. You can do a boudoir shoot wearing a dress, robe, button-up, a big comfy sweater or classic white bedsheet, etc. Your session is designed to your definition of sexy. 

A: Girlfriend, we got your covered. We will direct you through each pose and emotion and show you along the way. 

A: Yes. During our prep chat we will go over outfit ideas and what to bring. We do keep a small variety of pieces in the studio such as jewelry, robes and shoes to help accessories your outfits. 

A: LET'S DO THIS!!! Simply click the button below to pick your date. A non-refundable retainer is due at booking. Once we square that away, lets get to planning an amazing day and take some bad ass photos!

A: No way Jose! This day is about empowering and celebrating you. Our professional hair and makeup gals will take perfect care of you and create the look you want. Just roll out of bed, brush your teeth, grab your clothes and let us do the rest!

I only know I want to be wonderful!

-Marilyn monroe



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Nothing last forever, so live it up,
drink it down,
laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances, and never have regrets
Because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted.

-Marilyn monroe

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Owner of Boudoir by Bumby and Bumby Photography. I am a mother to 3 crazy littles running around. Well, let's say 4 if you include hubs. We all know they are our extra child. 

I have to have a cheeseburger once a week. If I don't I will legit go into shakes from withdrawals.  I am a sucker for sweets - ice cream specifically. A vanilla and chocolate swirl on a good ole' fashion cake cone is my jam. The kiddos and I minus #4 go once a week. The best ice cream is 30 minutes from our house and we make the trip weekly. Yes, 30 minutes each way then sit in the long line so I, oh I mean THEY can have their favorite treat weekly. 😁

Being a mom and working woman somedays I wake up and simply feel just blah. Between hustling the kids around between school, football, running the studio, and life's everyday craziness. I want a little something to make me feel beautiful and boost my confidence. 

Having my own boudoir and beauty session empowered me in a way I could never image. 
The reminder that while I am mom and a hardworking WOMAN I am still gorgeous and sexy. I want that for you. 

I cannot wait to show you how AMAZING you are. Let's schedule a quick chat and start planning your session! Thank you for stopping by and I cannot wait to meet you and plan  your session!



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