Makenzie’s Sultry Boudoir Session

We are here with another brand new blog post!! We are bringing you some phenomenal photos from Makenzie’s Sultry Boudoir Session. She is so stunning and her outfits were amazing!

When Makenzie contacted me for her session, I learned this was an anniversary present for her husband. It is such a great gift idea! I get a lot of clients that use their session as a wedding gift for their spouse. Not only do our clients get a day of pampering and feeling phenomenal, they also get to surprise their loved one with a truly unique gift.

We love the variety of looks Makenzie brought to her session

We began with this beautiful light purple 2-piece set. The color looks so perfect against her skin and the feminine details are just gorgeous. I also love how her kiss tattoo added the perfect pop of color and personality.

Makenzie in Sultry Boudoir Session posing in light purple lingerie while laying on the bed.

This next look was one of my favorites! I simply love the beautiful lace details on this set of lingerie. If you were going for a bridal look, this would be perfect!

To change things up a bit, we added this perfectly tailored blazer for a “sexy professional” look. With the pearls, jacket and lacy lingerie, this look was a knockout!

We turned it up a notch in this next look with black lace panties and opted to lose the top and keep the blazer. The lace details on the panties are absolutely adorable. Her black pumps are also the perfect addition to completing her look.

For our final indoor look, Makenzie went with a black lace matching set. We were obsessed with her outfits, but we loved capturing her amazing smile the most!

Moving from the inside to the outside!

I love our studio because we can photograph both inside and outside. This setting is the perfect mix of industrial and rustic looks. For this look Makenzie picked this stunning red coset. Jackie from Hairstyles and Makeup by Jackie did an amazing job in this dramatic and sultry look. Makenzie’s daring red lipstick certainly looks like it was custom made to match her corset. We love these shots!

We love that we get to share Makenzie’s amazing photos. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We are so happy we were able to give her this amazing session so she could give her husband an amazing anniversary gift.

If you would like to get together to discuss your beauty and boudoir session, contact us here! We hope you all enjoyed these incredible images and be sure to check back for more features on our boudoir sessions.



Photography: BB By Bumby

Hair and Makeup: Hairstyles and Makeup by Jackie

Makenzie’s Sultry Boudoir Session