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I hope y’all are doing well and are staying nice and healthy. We have been working so hard here at the studio to implement new safety precautions to keep you and our staff safe. We have a great support system and are already booking sessions like crazy! With all that being said, we wanted to share another one of our amazing ladies in this feature all about Beauty Queen G.

I was instantly drawn to this gorgeous mama and her bubbly personality. She loves to dance and we found that we both have a mutual love for guinea pigs! Whenever we talk, we always make sure to check in on each other’s furry family members. We’re a bit obsessed.

Once we covered the topics of guinea pigs and kids, we went over her session. After hearing her goals and what she was looking for in her looks, I knew this one was going to be very unique and fun. She wanted to cover a variety of looks, moods, and genres and it was a complete success!

Because who doesn’t want to be a queen?

Beauty G has always wanted to feel like a queen and come on, who doesn’t? We began the day in her first look where she looked every bit the part of a light fairy queen. I fell in love with the beautiful robe she paired with her soft pink lace bra top. Royalty always has to have a crown, so she went for one made of flowers to complete her look.

Woman in a lace robe and flower crown smiling while laying on the bed
Plus size woman laying on the bed in a white lace robe and flower crown.
Curvy woman in boudoir shoot sitting in front of the window looking at her lace robe.

From fairy queen to sassy scientist? Stranger Things have happened.

Achieving completely different looks is one of the things I love about boudoir photography. We can delve into the land of fantasy one moment and then switch to real life in the next. That’s why I loved her second look.

She loves science so much that she made a career out of it. She claims she is “nerdy by day.” She also wanted to incorporate into her session things her and her husband like. As you can tell by her shirt, they love the show Stranger Things. We love it when our gals give us a glimpse into their everyday lives. Enjoy what Beauty G calls her “sassy scientist nerd” look.

Woman in Stranger Things t-shirt and yellow shorts sitting on a bed with a game controller and science book laying at her side.
Close up of face face while she is laying on the bed
Woman laying on the bed in a Stranger Things t-shirt while holding her glasses and chemistry book

No drama queen here, but we do have a Mama Queen!

Beauty G’s final look was the darkest of the day, but still so elegant and daring. We went from her light flower crown to a golden tiara fit for a queen. Her sassy crown paired with her black lace number is the ultimate power queen look.

Woman wearing a gold crown and wearing a black lace outfit at boudoir session
Curvy woman laying in bed while wearing a gold tiara and black lace 2-piece outfit.
Black and white photo of woman wearing a crown and black lace lingerie

I cannot say enough about how much I love boudoir sessions. I mean, look at the different styles we were able to capture in Beauty G’s session! There is nothing stopping this amazing mama and I am so thrilled we were able to be a part of her journey to feel confident about the beautiful woman she is on the inside and out.

“She posed me perfectly for each and every shot! It was so nice to spend time doing something for myself, to feel empowered and beautiful despite the flaws I see in myself all the time.”

– Beauty G

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Beauty Queen G had an unforgettable session. We are so excited to be back in the studio full time and meeting more fabulous ladies. I am looking forward to sharing more of our amazing sessions in the weeks to come, but in the meantime don’t forget to join our private facebook group, Fearlessly Gorgeous Gals.



Photography: BB By Bumby

Location: BB By Bumby Studio

Hair & Makeup: Karmel Design Team

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