Beauty Beyond Age | Beauty S | Orlando Boudoir Photographer

Happy New Year everyone!! It is finally 2021 so we are celebrating and kicking off with another amazing session! This one was one of our most memorable ones from last year. We could not wait to share this session because Beauty S embodies Beauty Beyond Age.

Her attitude and liveliness is everything we admire. She shows us that the fountain of youth is a state of mind and you can see that in all of her gorgeous photos! She’s a firecracker and if you ever hear me say “Okay girls (aka boobs) smile for the camera” you can thank this spunky lady!

Speechless right off the bat

We absolutely love this navy blue lace outfit. Beauty S is all confidence in this timeless look and we love how her eyes are so captivating!

Beauty Beyond Age intro photo
Mature woman posing in boudoir studio

All we can say is WOW! WOW! WOW!

This glam-ma totally rocked in this outfit. Adding those lace thigh highs to the mix amped up the hotness factor.

boudoir grandma posing on bed
woman laying on bed and smiling for the camera
Beauty S sitting on bed holding long pearls

It just keeps getting better!

It is our dearest wish to look this amazing at her age. I mean, she makes a velvet bodysuit and a pair of pumps look like a million bucks!

Boudoir photo of woman laying on antique couch
black and white photo of woman posing
Woman resting her head on the couch while sitting on the floor

A musical beauty

We always love when our clients add a personal touch to their sessions. Beauty S chose to pose with her guitar, showing off that carefree spirit of hers.

Outdoor boudoir session
Boudoir woman holding guitar while sitting in chair

Beauty S finished her session in a similar outfit to the one she started in

We knew this look would be great against our antique couch and floral wall. Her looks were all gorgeous, but this one was definitely a favorite!

Woman laying on couch in front of accent wall
Close up of Beauty S
Lady lounging on couch for boudoir session
Boudoir pose
Black and white photo to close beauty beyond age

We hope that you are inspired by Beauty S, because she is living proof of beauty beyond age. She shows us that you can be fabulous at any age and that, my dears, is a lesson we must never forget!

If you want to book a session of your own, just drop us a message using our contact page. We also have a private Facebook Group called Fearlessly Gorgeous Gals for you to join as well.

With a start like this one it is already shaping up to be another amazing year!



Photography: BB By Bumby

Location: BB By Bumby Studio

Hair and Makeup: Karmel Design Team