Sexy Bodysuits for Every Body Type

Our go-to boudoir outfit… BODYSUITS

Sexy bodysuits are a must have for any boudoir photo shoot. It’s hands down my favorite outfit choice. Not just for my clients but also from my own boudoir experience. It’s my go-to recommendation during client planning chats. HERE’S WHY they can be as revealing or modest as you like and there’s a STYLE FOR EVERYBODY!!

Bodysuits come in all colors, shapes, sizes, materials, etc. We have seen many come through our doors and we have never seen one we did not adore. They can hide areas you may not be feeling too confident about and highlight the features you love. With a range from conservative to daring, you cannot go wrong with a bodysuit.

Sexy Bodysuits for Every Body Type

Bodysuits are sexy but can also provide a bit of coverage

Not only are bodysuits super flattering, they allow my gals to be as modest and/or as sexy as they like. You can up the sexy with a strappy number and add some thigh-high stockings or boots. The bodysuit featured below is certainly a more revealing style but I love showing how beautiful it looks on two different body types. Both look sexy and stunning!

Our Go-To Black Sexy Boudoir Bodysuits
Sexy Bodysuits for Every Body Type

For my gals wanting to be more modest, there are plenty of mesh styles with tummy and arm coverage. Just like with dresses, the little black bodysuit is the perfect outfit choice for anyone planning a boudoir session. From nervous first timers to returning clients, you will feel sexy and confidant in this look!

Sexy Black Bodysuits for Every Body Type
Our Go-To Lace Sexy Boudoir Bodysuits

Bodysuits are flattering on any body type

One of the best things about bodysuits is that they can hide areas you may not feel super confident about and highlight the features you love. With one super sexy piece, you’ll hide the mom fupa and hip creases by showing off your sexy curves and finest assets! 

Our Go-To Black Lace Sexy Boudoir Bodysuits
Sexy Red Bodysuits for Every Body Type

The beautiful neckline options accommodate any cup size. Many are just revealing enough without giving away all the goods. You can also find styles with low back that allows you to show off some skin in a tasteful way. I can’t tell you how many beautiful #tushytushy shots we’ve gotten with a bodysuit!!

Sexy bodysuits come in different shapes, styles, colors and materials

It’s amazing to me the unlimited options out there for bodysuits! It’s fun to brainstorm colors with gals during our planning chats. We’re always able to find a piece to reflect their personal style, favorite color or session inspiration.

Sexy Lace Bodysuits for Every Body Type

Lace is my top recommended fabric selection for boudoir as it adds so much texture to your final images. But I also LOVE how rich and classic this velvet bodysuit is! It come’s in so many beautiful colors. Below you see the emerald green and black. Featured earlier in the blog post is the ruby red. I’ve also seen it in a stunning sage green and smokey gray.

Sexy Velvet Bodysuits for Every Body Type

Not only are bodysuits a great outfit choice, they are also extremely easy to find! You can purchase them online or at any lingerie boutique.



Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry