Boudoir Makeup

Professional hair and makeup is essential to our boudoir sessions. There are so many reasons why we include this service to all of our clients. For one thing, it is an instant confidence boost and you get to be pampered! Trust me when I say that any nervousness you have when you walk in slowly disappears when you get in the makeup chair. We have FOUR options (with a bonus option) that cover the entire spectrum of makeup looks that you get to pick from for your session.

Do you really need professional boudoir makeup?

Yes! For one thing it is less stress for you! We mean it when we say you get to be pampered. That means no worries. Just sit in the chair and let our professionals do the work. Our amazingly talented team from Karmel Design Team Artistry will blow your mind. We hire professionals because they know which styles work best and they have the knowledge to know what will photograph well in our studio. So, your requirements for hair and makeup- sit back, relax, and let our team do their magic!

1st Option- Natural

This is a very minimal but polished look. We go very light on the foundation, soft colors on the eyes, and only do gloss on the lips. Since this look is meant to be minimal, we do not do lashes unless requested. This look definitely highlights your natural beauty and enhances your features leaving you feeling sexy and confident!

2nd Option- Natural With a Touch of Sexy

This look is very similar to our natural look, but with a smidgen of sexy added. We do more of the earth tones on the eyes and we add a soft lip with a pop of color. We also do lashes for this makeup look. This look will really elevate your “natural” look to have you feeling like the beauty you are!

3rd Option- Sexy Glam

For this look we go with a smokey eye and either a soft lip or do a pop of color. We go darker on the brown tones and top this look off with lashes. This look really adds that “something extra” to your look and makes those eyes and lips pop!

4th Option- Vixen

Our most dramatic look of them all. Deep or blood red lips, deep smokey eye, and lashes for days! This is a super fun one for our gals who really wanna kick it up a notch! This look transforms you into the vixen you are with a few flicks of a makeup brush!

The Bonus Look

This look is for those ladies that want to travel back in time a little. The retro 50s & 60s style hair with pinned up curls go perfectly with the bright red lips, natural toned eyes, and of course lashes!

No matter which option you choose, you will be blown away with how you look. Boudoir Makeup is truly an art of its own. You will look amazing on the outside, but feel incredible on the inside. An added bonus is that our professionals make your look last, so even after your session you will be ready for a date night or a night on the town!



Hair & Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

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