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Lyndsley wanted a boudoir shoot in my Sanford photography studio in order to feel sexy and empowered for herself.


I love my boudoir photography studio in in downtown Sanford. I am proud my business is part of a vibrant community. The area is always so active and it gives me a ton of creative energy whenever I come to work.

When the weather’s nice, I open up my window and enjoy the cool air while I work or use the space for awesome rooftop photos.

Occasionally on Sundays, I can hear the most beautiful voice wafting through my window from The Breezeway, a local restaurant below my boudoir studio.  It didn’t take me long to meet the owner of that beautiful voice–Lyndsley.

Lindsely’s Empowered Sanford Boudoir Shoot photo where she's sitting on an antique couch wearing a floral slip, and red robe.

Lyndsley is the sweetest person and it shines through in everything she does. A true creative and performer, she sings regularly around Central Florida with her band Acoustic Inferno and is part of a Orlando burlesque show, Corsets and Cuties.

She is also a wonderful hardworking mom who doesn’t have a lot of time for herself. Although Lyndsley dresses up in lingerie and beautiful clothes when she performs, she rarely gets a chance to do it just for herself.

Before the photo shoot, we discussed what would compliment her and what she wanted to bring to the shoot. I definitely wanted to highlight Lyndsley’s beautiful red hair.

Photo'f of boudoir model wearing floral lingerie laying on her stomach on an antique couch.

When she showed me this beautiful floral lingerie, I told her the touches of pink and red would really make her hair pop!

Model in floral lingerie wearing black shoes while laying on her stomach on the bed.

This floral piece was also the perfect outfit to bring out the sweet yet sexy and romantic side.

Model lounging on an antique couch in floral lingerie and black heels. A photo of a boudoir model showing off her black panties.

How can you not love all the details of the beautiful outfit? Especially from the frilly booty shorts to the beautiful black lace trim.

A closeup of a black beaded necklace.

I was immediately excited when Lyndsley showed me the next piece of lingerie she wanted to wear. There was even more black lace one of my favorite details to shoot.

Model taking sensual photos near a window while wearing black lingerie.

Because this lace outfit evoked a feeling of a sexy dress, I wanted to pull out the personality Lyndsley brings when I see her sing in downtown Sanford. Plus, I was excited to get a  few shots of her in front of the window where I first heard her beautiful voice.

Black and white photos of a model looking out the window wearing black lingerie.

Lyndsley also has this sultry romantic side that comes out when she sings. Therefore, I wanted to bring out that confidence she has on stage. Lyndsley definitely nailed it. I mean, look at how beautiful these shots on the studio bed are.

Boudoir model in black lingerie laying on her back while on a bed.

Now, when Lyndsley told me about the third outfit, it felt like a total wild card for her.

Model wearing a black corset and taking photos near the window.

But once Lyndsley had this leather corset and high undies on, she brought out all that burlesque energy to the photoshoot! I didn’t want to stop shooting this beautiful lady who was full of confidence!

Model sitting on a bed while wearing a black corset and a long necklace. Boudoir model wearing a black corset and laying on her back on a bed.

After the shoot, Lyndsley left me the sweetest review of our session on Google:

“I had the pleasure of having a session with Bumby. It was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done! She has an incredible eye for angles and helps bring out the beauty within you.

I left feeling refreshed and proud, but that feeling was only escalated when I received my photos.

I will definitely think of her first when I need photography done.

Every woman should do this for themselves at least once!”

However, the pleasure was all mine. I love to make all the beautiful women I photograph feel confident, beautiful, and empowered in their bodies. I’m so glad the location of my little Sanford boudoir studio gave me the opportunity to meet such a wonderful new client.

If you want to bring out your inner confidence and beauty with your very own boudoir session, contact me to set up a consultation.  

Photography by: BB by Bumby Photography

Hair/Makeup: Faces by Shannon



Lyndsley’s Empowered Sanford Boudoir Shoot