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Sophie visited my Orlando photography studio to find her confidence and do a Victoria’s Secret inspired boudoir session.

When Sophie first reached out to me about having session in my Orlando boudoir photography studio, I met this shy and reserved woman who looked like someone who was ready to burst out of her shell. She shyly admitted that she loved my instagram and had been following me for a while. She wanted to have her own beauty and boudoir photo session for a while and finally worked up the confidence to reach out to me for a Victoria’s Secret inspired beauty and boudoir session.  

Before the photography shoot, I had a phone consultation with Sophie. This is usually where I learn more about the woman I’m about to photograph and we talk about lingerie or outfit suggestions. Usually, I help give my clients advice on what to buy so they have a few looks for the boudoir session.

However, Sophie loves beauty, fashion, and lingerie. She also has quite a collection of lingerie already. We ultimately designed all of her outfits for the photoshoot right from her own collection! Sophie is inspired by Victoria’s Secret and wanted to feel like one of their models for the day.

In our consultation, Sophie also let me know she wanted to do something she could give her boyfriend because he always encourages her. I could definitely see this Victoria’s Secret Angel who wanted to be released in her and I was ready to bring that out of her.

Black and white photo of an Asian model in Victoria's Secret inspired lingerie picks for beauty and boudoir session.Boudoir model in a red bra and red panties posing on a white bed.

Sophie did not disappoint and the result is this amazing boudoir photography session I got to photograph.

The first outfit was this classic red lace lingerie. I wanted to bring out her relaxed side and make her comfortable with little touches of sexiness.

Close up shot of model holding the strap of her red Victoria's Secret panties. Boudoir model modeling red bra and panties while posing on a white bed. Black and white photo of a model standing next to a window. Photo of a lady in a red bra laying on her stomach on a white bed.

The following outfit I photographed made Sophie look like a high fashion model. The mesh cutout details and high neckline juxtaposed with the black lace details on this lingerie fit Sophie so perfectly, I felt like I was photographing an editorial shoot for a New York City high fashion magazine right in my little Orlando photography studio!

Lady in black bodysuit with sheer details. Up close photo of a model in a Victoria's Secret black bodysuit

Then I suggested we take some pictures on the roof of my studio. Sophie really came alive! I saw this small quiet girl I first met turn into this confident, bold woman right in front of my eyes.

Black and white photo of a model sitting on the widow sill outside in black lingerie. Far away black and white photo of a model in black lingerie sitting on a window sill. Model sitting on a window sill in black lingerie and black heels. Sun shining down on boudoir model as she smiles while sitting on a windowsill in black lingerie.


I just knew that confidence was inside of her all along, it was ready to burst out of Sophie. Please tell me how anyone could look at this woman and not think she was a model!?

Close up of details of Victoria's Secret black bodysuit. Lady laughing while in black bodysuit with mesh details.

After an outfit change, we headed to the photography studio bed. This red and gold outfit allowed Sophie to bring out her sexy yet romantic side.

Boudoir model sitting on a bed while wearing a gold chainlink bra and red panties. Close up photos of a gold chainlink bra and red panties. Photo of a model with her back turned in red panties.

“I had so much fun at the photo shoot with Bumby,” Sophie wrote after the photoshoot in a Google Review. “She is professional and friendly. She made me feel comfortable the entire time of photo session. The album came in mail quickly with excellent quality. She is an excellent photographer.”

We moved back out to the rooftop to capture another amazing black mesh underwear set. The variety in Sophie’s wardrobe was awesome!

Black and white photo of a model standing on a windowsill outside wearing a black bra and black panties. Boudoir model outside in black bra and panties.

Sophie had so many wonderful pieces of lingerie! You can tell it’s something that she truly loves. I’m so glad I was able to give her so many professional photos to show off her amazing Victoria’s Secret inspired style!

Model laying on the bed wearing a Victoria's Secret lace black bodysuit. Close up photo of a model sitting on the bed in a black lace bodysuit. Model crawling on a bed wearing a black lace bodysuit and black heels. Model laying on a gold vintage couch in a black bodysuit. Black and white photo of a lady standing next to the window wearing black lace lingerie.

Sophie says her boyfriend is so supportive of the things she loves and encourages her to follow her passions. As a thank you, she wanted a few outfits she knew he would love. Like this white shirt tuxedo shirt and bowtie.

Boudoir model sitting on a bed wearing Victoria's Secret panties, white button down shirt and a untied green bowtie. Black and white photo of a model sitting on a bed wearing her boyfriends shirt and bowtie.

Her romantic and playful side really came out in this series of photos. Plus, look how awesome those jeans fit Sophie!

Model wearing jeans and a white button down shirt. Boudoir model wearing blue jeans. Boudoir model laying on the floor and smiling while wearing blue jeans.

After the photoshoot was done, Sophie was beaming from ear to ear. Her confidence was undeniable. I know she is already making steps to start her own Youtube channel so she can share all her wonderful beauty and fashion tips with the world. I am so glad I could help be a part of Sophie’s journey towards finding her confidence.

If you want the model treatment and are ready to come out of your shell, you can book your own private boudoir session with me today. Contact me for a consultation today.




Photography: BB By Bumby Photography

Hair and Makeup: Faces by Shannon

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Inspired Beauty and Boudoir Photography Session