Ruthie’s Lane Bryant Cacique Collection Beauty and Boudoir Session

Today, I’m so excited to share this fun Orlando plus size photo shoot. Ruthie is an awesome Latina woman who is the voice behind her site Ruthie Fonseca -a lifestyle blog. Her and her sister also recently launched a clothing company called The Curvy Collective where they want to give women of all sizes clothing options to wear. For this photoshoot, Ruthie reached out to Lane Bryant about doing a sponsored post for her blog.

Lane Bryant responded with four beautiful lingerie pieces from their Cacique collection for curvy women.

Let me say, I loved the lingerie because the pieces from the Cacique collection Ruthie brought were amazing. Ruthie showed up the day of the shoot with her mom and sister in toe. At first, she was a bit apprehensive. With the help of her family, the photo studio was a mixture of laugher and a lot of “oohs, ahhs, and look at how beautiful you look!” every time Ruthie stepped out into a new outfit. As each new outfit came on, Ruthie relaxed into herself and really had a good time.

Ruthie is so outgoing and fun so it wasn’t hard for her to loosen up. All that positive energy made Ruthie easy and so much fun to shoot. She told me during the shoot that she wasn’t going to change herself for anyone and that she is who she is. I love that aspect about Ruthie and I know she shares those thoughts on her own blog.

We began with this sexy white underwear set with black lace. With the robe thrown over, Ruthie looks sensual and romantic in the natural light from the studio window.

Boudoir model Ruthie in a black and white floral printed robe from Lane Bryant Cacique Collection.
Boudoir model facing the window with her eyes closed

However, when you take off the robe, the strappy details on the back amp up the sexiness. Ruthie owned the look with her confidence and spunk.

Black and white photo of boudoir model on the bed.

Afterwards, came this black bodysuit and a trip to the roof to capture it against the white brick walls. Ruthie was so confident in this outfit that felt very rock-n-roll.

Model laying down on the bed wearing a black bodysuit.
Model standing outside in a black bodysuit at beauty and boudoir session.
Plus size model sitting on a windowsill in a black bodysuit from Lane Bryant.
Model standing outside in a black bodysuit.

Ruthie’s favorite outfit was definitely this pink bodysuit.

The rosy color suited her complexion so perfectly. The lace details on the bust and cut out on the stomach were so feminine, delicate, and romantic.

Model laying on her stomach in a rose colored bodysuit and white heels.
Model wearing a floral detailed rose colored bodysuit at beauty and boudoir session.
Beauty and boudoir model laying on the bed.
Model smiling while laying on her back on a bed in a rose colored lingerie bodysuit.
Model wearing a rose colored bodysuit while laying on the bed.

The last outfit Lane Bryant gave Ruthie for the photoshoot was a black underwear set with flower embellishments. I loved every piece from the Cacique collection. They were so versatile and different but each beautiful in it’s own way. The most important part, these pieces accented Ruthie perfectly and when a woman loves what she is wearing it shows.

Model posing on a bed while wearing a black bra and panty set with floral details.
Close up of a black bra with red flower details.
Model smiling while wearing a matching bra and panty set.
Black and white photo of a model standing next to the window.

When I gave Ruthie the photos, her first reaction was “oh shit, I’m hot!”

The reaction when I give the photos to my clients is always one of my favorite parts of the process. That’s because I hope I can help them see how beautiful, sexy, and hot each of them already are!

Therefore, if you are ready to bring out your hot and sexy side, book a boudoir shoot with me. Fill out the contact form and let’s set up a free phone call to talk all about how I can help you shine. We also have an amazing video from this session by Love and Lustre Weddings, so make sure you check it out!



Photography: BB By Bumby

Videography: Love and Lustre Weddings

Hair and Makeup: Faces by Shannon

Lingerie: Lane Bryant Cacique Collection

Ruthie’s Lane Bryant Cacique Collection Beauty and Boudoir Session