Why Should I Have a Boudoir Session?

Why should you have a Boudoir Session? When was the last time you did something just for you? We believe that everyday should be a celebration of how amazing you are, which is why we are so passionate about our boudoir sessions. In the hustle and bustle of life, we all should take a little step back and do something just for ourselves.

We often lose sight of how spectacular we are right now at this very moment. Sometimes we get caught up on being our own worst critic, but we believe everyone is beautiful and that should be celebrated! Time and time again we see clients in disbelief about how amazing they look in their photos. It’s a powerful sense of self-confidence that comes with every session- that reminder that we are beautiful, sexy, and amazing just how we are RIGHT NOW.

Boudoir session model in black and white photo through a window.
Hair/Makeup: Face By Shannon
Hair/Makeup: Brie & Brie

To be honest, I had no idea how powerful the experience would be until I had my own session. 

That’s right everyone, I had a session of my very own and asked myself that very same question- why should I have a boudoir session? You see, I was busy mom and business owner, so the thought of indulging in this way was kind of hard to justify at first. I had a great life and amazing family, so would this really be necessary? 

I found it was not only necessary, but life-changing. Had I known how amazing I would feel afterward, I would have not hesitated at all to schedule a boudoir session. There are no words to describe how confident and beautiful I felt during and after my session. It was that reminder that I can be a mom AND be gorgeous and sexy. It’s not one or the other for me anymore. Even if I’m having one of those off days, I just remember how I felt at my boudoir session and I am powerful once again. 

Hair/Makeup: Faces by Shannon
Hair/Makeup: Faces by Shannon
Hair/Makeup: Brie & Brie

Do I need a reason to have a boudoir session?

Absolutely not. There are no right or wrong reasons to have a session. However, personally I think the most important reason is to celebrate yourself and the amazing woman you are! 

Hair/Makeup: The 911 Stylist
Hair/Makeup: Faces by Shannon
Hair/Makeup: The 911 Stylist

Don’t get caught up on your own personal hang ups.

A lot of women hesitate about booking a session because they do not feel confident as they are now. So if they don’t feel good now, how are they going to feel when the clothes come off so to speak? That’s the amazing thing about a boudoir session. Women always think they will feel shy or self-conscious, but in fact they experience the opposite. You will actually feel amazing about how you are NOW and you will take that feeling with you long after your session, just like I have.

Hair/Makeup: Faces by Shannon
Hair/Makeup: Faces by Shannon

What is a boudoir session with BB By Bumby going to be like?

Having a boudoir session is one of the most special things you can do for yourself, so we pull out all the stops to make it an incredible experience. Spend the day getting pampered with hair and makeup while we have some girl-talk and champagne. My favorite part of the process are the outfits. You get to bring in your own picks! So feel free to bring that super sexy lingerie that has been in the back of your closet for a while, your favorite little black dress, or even that super comfy sweater you have had for years. 

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure everything will be perfect for your session. You will also find that I am hilarious, so be prepared for a lot of laughs!

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team

Don’t take our word for it- hear from some of our wonderful clients! 

I did a mini boudoir shoot with Bumby for a wedding gift for my husband (which he loved). She was absolutely fantastic. Friendly, personable, talented, and professional. She made me feel comfortable the entire time and was so fun to work with. Her editing is flawless and she is amazing behind that camera. I HIGHLY recommend her for any photo session. Thanks Bumby!! ~ Heather B.

From the moment I walked into the studio, Bumby made me feel at ease. This shoot was something that I had been wanting to do for years, and never had the guts to do so. Boy am I glad I did this! I have never felt sexier, powerful or glad to be a woman than I did that day. Just saw a sneak peek of the pictures and I am in LOVE!! I truly encourage every woman to do this, you will feel so empowered and fabulous. Can’t wait to do another one soon! ~ Ruthie F.

I wish I could give Bumby and BB by Bumby more than just 5 stars because they had me feeling the best I have felt in years with each and every session I’ve done.  It’s not just about how they make you look and how they are able to capture such great photos but it’s also about how amazing they make you feel.  If I could, I would have a shoot every day.  I can’t say enough amazing things about BB by Bumby. ~ Sarah W

This session was beyond what I hoped for and the photos are out of this world. It was so much fun and so comfortable. With some guidance from Bumby, I felt like a diva and was given the royal treatment with hair and makeup. I gave my husband the photos on our wedding day and his reaction was priceless; Bumby was there on our big day to capture that, too! ~ Jessica P.

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Still curious?

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Why Should I Have a Boudoir Session?

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