Prepping for Your Boudoir Session

We have our second installment of our boudoir session blogs. If you did not get to check out our first post, you can check it out here: Why Should I Have a Boudoir Session? Prepping for your boudoir session is so important for your photoshoot. We will always have you looking like your most fabulous self, but there are a lot of tips to make sure everything goes swimmingly for your session.

This post is mostly about beauty, but that is only a portion of your boudoir session prep. The other part is your outfits picks- our favorite part! We have so much to say on outfits that we are dedicating an entire feature on it. Watch out for outfit advice in our next blog post!

Boudoir model in BB By Bumby studio for Prepping for Your Boudoir Session

Hydration is key as you are prepping for your boudoir session!

Well hydrated skin will make a world of difference in your skin’s appearance. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water two weeks out from your session. Your skin will be more radiant and luminescent while giving you a more youthful look. Along with hydrating, moisturizing your skin is also a great tip. Get a hold of a good body lotion or body butter and apply daily. Do not forget your elbows and knees!

Also, your lips can use some TLC as well. Exfoliate and use a lip moisturizer often to insure you have a picture-perfect pout.

One thing I always make sure to mention is to avoid any type of super abrasive facial or a facial you are not familiar with, close to your session. I do not recommend a fractional laser resurfacing and IPL photofacial within 6 weeks of your session. It is great for your skin however can make for a challenging session on the back end in camera.

boudoir hair and makeup

Prepping from the top of your head to the tips of your toes

At least a month out you will want to think about scheduling hair and nail appointments. Think about scheduling your nail appointment close to your session date. I always talk about nail color because believe it or not, your color choice is important to how your photos look. A French manicure and pedicure are always timeless. On the flip side, deep red is the epitome of seduction.

If you are not sure which look you want, or you want to achieve both looks in your session, we recommend neutral colors. Bright neon colors and colors that clash will immediately draw your eyes to your nails. They will be the first thing you notice in your photos, so we recommend that you avoid them.

Woman sitting outside in a Love Pink Victoria's Secret top and floral panties.

For hair, we recommend having it done a week prior to your session. Your hair will look fresh and if you had it colored or added highlights, those would have settled in by the time of your session.

Leaving the sun out of your sun-kissed glow

Stay out of the sun, if possible. If you would like a sun-kissed glow, then consider a natural spray tan. If you do want to tan outside, then be sure to stop a week before your session. Tanning all the way up to your date can lead to unnatural skin tones as well as dry skin which could give the appearance of leathery skin in your photos.

Prepping for your boudoir session showing off glowing skin.

Another thing that clients like to do is get waxed before their session. Feel free to do so, but make sure you do not get waxed 5 days before your session. That way if you have any skin irritation you have time for it to subside.

Get your zzz’s

Finally, make sure you get plenty of sleep! You want to try to get as much sleep in the days leading up to your session, but be sure to get a good night’s rest the day before. Not only will you look rested and refreshed, but you will also have plenty of energy for the amazing day we have planned for you!

Woman laying on the bed in BB By Bumby studio at boudoir session

We hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into prepping for your boudoir session. We are having so much fun giving you all the insider look on what goes into our sessions. It is not just show up and smile for the camera- we are very passionate about our boudoir experience, so we go above and beyond to make your day a dream. You deserve it and we are here to make it a reality. So if you have not scheduled a session with us, go ahead and contact us here!



Photography: BB By Bumby

Location: BB By Bumby Studio

Hair and Makeup: Faces By Shannon

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Prepping for Your Boudoir Session