Boudoir En Pointe | Dion’s Boudoir Session

Every lady who walks through our doors is unique in her own way, which is why we love our sessions so much. It is so much more than taking photos; we learn about our clients and discover their inner beauty as we progress through the entire process. That is why we are featuring this beyond amazing session with Dion in Boudoir En Pointe.

We have been waiting for so long to do a session like this and we could not have done it with a more beautiful and passionate person as Dion. As you may have guessed, this is in fact a ballet session! Not only was it a new experience for Dion, but it was one for us as well. We were able to get creative with our poses and come up with some new ones that we have not used before. We find it is always good to change things up a bit.

Dancing to her own tune

First off, Dion is so amazingly talented. She has been dancing since the age of 3!! This year marks her 10th anniversary with Phantasmagoria Orlando- a critically acclaimed Victorian horror troupe. It is also their 10th year in production and to mark the occasion they are touring “Phantasmagoria X: Reckoning” this fall. They also have a tours for the holiday season. For all the information on their performances, locations, dates and more, head over to their page: Phantasmagoria Orlando.

As if that was not enough, she has also taken the stage with the metal rock band Meka Nism, does freelance performing, and she even dances with fire! You can also find her teaching, choreographing and collaborating with people all over Central Florida.

A new meaning to pas de deux

We were beyond excited when we were going over the plan for her session. We were going to be able to explore TWO sides of her dancing style. She says she is a self-proclaimed gothic ballerina, but she also wanted to portray her soft, classical side as well. This entire session was all about capturing both sides, while staying true to who she is.

She admits that she was nervous about the session because, like most women, she never really thought of herself as “sexy” but had an inkling that it was inside of her somewhere. She had no idea what to expect, but knew she was ready to let her sensual side take center stage. We had a phenomenal time exploring these two very unique and different sides in one session.

Act I: The softer side of boudoir

We began the day as we normally do by welcoming Dion to our studio with a glass of champagne and a plan for the day. As she had her hair and makeup done by the talented Karmel Design Team, we went over her outfit picks and gauged her comfort level. Although we always discuss outfits prior to the session, we like to go everything again so you are extra confident in your choices.

We started Dion off in her light leotard and a flirty tutu. She has amazing legs (not surprised) so we made sure to highlight them in our poses. Then we changed up her look a little by adding a dramatic robe. We love how it draped over her to accentuate her lines.

Dion iin ivory leotard n Boudoir En Pointe session
Ballerina in ivory tutu
Ballet dancer in robe at boudoir session

Act II: The daring side of boudoir

For her next look we stayed inside the studio, but changed out her lighter leotard for a darker one. We are in love with this outfit! The mesh hits in all the right places to make it sensual without being too risqué. In these shots, we captured her edgy side in the outfit and her soft side with the white rug and light background.

Ballerina in black mesh leotard on a fur rug

Of course we had to take some window shots and she looked fabulous. The one where she sits on the windowsill is a dream!

Black and white photos of Dion at the window in black leotard
Ballerina in black pointe shoes sitting on a window sill

Act III: The fearless side of boudoir

We went out onto the roof for this part of her session and it was incredible. We had seen Dion’s lovely talent all throughout the day, but out here she was magnificent! She was moving in all sorts of ways that defied our concept of how a person should bend and she made it look effortless and beautiful. Side note- the jean jacket and black leotard was my favorite!

Ballet dancer posing outside on the rooftop
dancer on rooftop
dancer in black pointe shoes outside
Dancer in black leotard and black pointe shoes on rooftop

End scene en pointe

This is by far one of the most unique sessions we have done. In this boudoir en pointe session we were able to expand our creativeness in new poses and moods by capturing both of her dance personalities in one session. It was a new experience for all involved and one we will never forget! We would love to hear your own unique session ideas, so head on over to our contact page so we can start planning yours!



Location: BB By Bumby Studio

Photography: BB By Bumby

Hair and Makeup: Karmel Design Team

Model: Dion “Ballet Bug”

Boudoir En Pointe