First Boudoir Session New Studio

I am so excited to share our first boudoir session in our new studio!!! Ok so I know the first set of images are not very boudoir-ish but my gal needed a quick fresh headshot for her upcoming book. Since her hair and makeup was all done up, why not grab a quick photo.

Little Purple Found A Home

My sweet little purple chair given to me by a friend has sat in the corner or out in the hall for the last 3 years. I kept trying to create a set for it and just was not working. I put up this new floral wall in our new studio and looked at the chair and instantly fell in love. Beauty A walked in I knew this had to be her headshot set. I just love how the purple chair pops on this backdrop.

woman with red hair on purple chair with floral wall
close up woman with green eyes and red lipstick
novel writer green eyes red hair
woman sitting on purple chair with floral backdrop

Let’s Chat Boudoir

Beauty A was the first gal to be photographed in our new studio and I must say I am in love!!!! We started with a softer girl next door look. Pulling in her love for books and a simple off-the-shoulder sweater. This gave a total vibe of lounging around on a Saturday morning while reading a favorite book.

woman on green chair wearing off shoulder sweater
first boudoir session on green sofa
woman laying on green sofa hand in hair
woman laying on sofa tugging on sweater
red hair green eyes
woman laying on floor with books
woman laying on floor
woman laying on floor smiling looking at camera
woman laying on floor with feet on sofa

Mirror Set Is A Must

I knew we would be doing the mirror set from the moment Beauty A told me she had red hair, fair skin tones and green eyes. I also knew exactly what outfit was perfect for her beautiful and sexy look. Her green eyes and the velvet green bodysuit from Amazon with her skin and bold lip was sheer perfection.

woman red hair green velvet bodysuit
woman green bodysuit looking through plant
woman in emerald green bodysuit on floor

New Studio Set Alert

You have seen above the mention of the new floral wall. Well, the new floral wall was put together with the intention of our black and gold bed set. It has also become a fan favorite when used in combination with our green satin sheets. This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine too.

woman laying on satin sheets looking at camera with green eyes
woman laying green satin sheets
woman on stomach laying on the bed

Fun And Personality

I really love to incorporate your personality or any favorite items into your boudoir session. For Beauty A she loves this hat. She grew up in and loves the 80’s. I am there with her! Growing up in the 80’s there are some styles that I am like, yeah shove that back in the vault lol. However, there are some styles that I say, bring it ON!

This hat is one of those styles I love! She recently moved and was still in the middle of unpacking. She kept looking for her special hat, but could not find it anywhere. She decided to try one last time to see if she could find it. Low and behold she picked a random box and there it was! I just love and adore how pulling in the hat just made this look on her.

Oh and we totally jammed to 80’s music during her session. It was so much fun and brought back so many fun memories.

woman white t-shirt black bra wearing top hat
woman wearing hat and pearls
woman laying on floor wearing 80's top hat
woman in window wearing 80's top hat

I am just over the moon excited with not only how Beauty A’s boudoir session went but OMG I am obsessed with our new studio.

Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry