1950’s Vintage Photo Shoot | Beauty C

We are back in full swing! I wanted to change things up a bit by featuring this beauty in this very fun and unique 1950’s vintage photo shoot. This post actually features more of our Beauty side of our sessions. There are so many styles we offer when it comes to boudoir photography and I love when we get to dive into the beauty area.

Beauty C wanted to celebrate her birthday in style- vintage style that is! She wanted to dress up in her fabulous 50’s attire and she looked gorgeous! I wish more people dressed like this because I love the timeless sexy and classy vibes from this era.

1950's glam photo shoot blue dress red shoes and lipstick pill box hat
Black and white photo 1950's dress pill box hat and clutch purse

My Favorite Spot

As you all know we have moved into a new studio! If you did not get a chance to see our last blog post, we featured our first session in our new home. Not only are we in love with the inside, but the outside also gives us some great spots to shoot. One of those places is this green wall. This is just outside my studio in the alley.

If there is an outdoor shoot, this spot is a must- as long as there are no cars blocking it!

Lady in blue 1950's dress, black pill box hat, red purse standing next to greenery wall
Woman standing in front of wall of plants in downtown Sanford, FL

She has such a fabulous laugh

We had so much fun during Beauty C’s session. It was constant laughter, which inspired these gorgeous photos.

Outdoor 1950's glam photo shoot
Lady laughing in a blue dress in historic downtown
Portrait of 1950's glam woman in bright blue dress, black pillbox hat and red lips

I always think Miss Hollywood with the Ritz Theater

Beauty C looked every bit the classic Hollywood glam gal. The old town vibes of Downtown Sanford were a perfect fit for Beauty C’s session. The Hollywood glam sunglasses are a must!

Old Hollywood glam 1950's photo shoot -- woman in vintage blue dress, pillbox hat, red purse, black pumps -- big sunglasses
Woman standing in front of shops in downtown Sanford wearing vintage clothing

Not All Girls Wore Skirts Or Dresses

I adore this second look! Beauty C is flawless in this neutral outfit. I love the pants and her blouse was the perfect mix of flirty and fashion.

1950's inspired outfit of blouse and wide leg pants

Another fabulous spot in Sanford, as long as cars are not blocking it. Most days it is blocked but on a good Monday you can usually catch it empty. How perfect was this location?!

Coca-cola sign in Downtown Sanford, Florida
1950's glam photo vintage blouse, black wide frame sunglasses, olive green pants and red nails

Beauty C was rocking it out every second of her session. She was so fabulous people were literally stopping just to tell her how beautiful she looked. I sure love good old fashioned looks. I agreed with everyone who stopped, because she really is a beauty inside and out!

Portrait of 1950's woman in vintage outfit, pillbox hat

We ended the session in one of the most memorable ways

Thank you to the sweet gentleman who totally made Beauty C’s birthday. We were drawn to his vintage car and asked if we could pose with it. We were so excited when he said sure, but then were floored when he asked if she wanted to get in. Umm, heck yes! Beauty C’s eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. He certainly made it an unforgettable moment and perfect ending to her 1950’s Vintage Photo Shoot.

Vintage car pose, wearing 1950's inspired pantsuit
Vintage VW punch buggy in historic downtown Sanford -- 1950's glam photo shoot
1950's vintage photo shoot blue VW bug

Happy Birthday Beauty C! I am so honored you spent your birthday with me. Not all sessions have to include lingerie. Sometimes you just wanna put on a good dress or pant set and just be fabulous. Plus who doesn’t love a 1950’s Vintage Photo Shoot?

1950's glam photo shoot portrait -- large sunglasses, vintage outfit blouse

Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

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