Boudoir Session Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome gals to this very fun post all about Boudoir Session DOs and DON’Ts. We’ve compiled a list of things that are often overlooked, but are actually very important to your boudoir experience.

Blonde woman laying on vintage couch in pink lingerie for boudoir dos and don'ts

The DOs and DON’Ts of eating

So many clients think that eating is not part of their session prep. Well, eating is a major DO! Do not be afraid to have some breakfast or at least a snack before heading into your session. Some fruit and yogurt are a great breakfast. Still light, but filling. You will be doing a lot of moving around during your session, so you DON’T want to come hungry. Be sure to pack some small things to snack on during your session too. Crackers are great for this.

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From your fingernails to your toenails

Nails are probably lower on the priority list when it comes to getting ready for your boudoir session, but you do not want to forget them. You DO want to have them presentable at minimum. If you are not into getting manicures, no problem! Just shape them and slap on some neutral colors or a clear coat. Bold colors that we are loving right now are merlot and matte black. Some nail colors that are a major DON’T are florescent shades, bright greens, and purples. Oh and DON’T forget about your toes! They need some love because chances are they will make an appearance in your session too.

Dark hair woman showing boudoir black matte nail color in a buffalo check button down shirt

Outfits- we’ve seen them all

Our number one DO for outfits is to trust your photographer! We know what works, because we do this every day. It’s not always about body type, because some outfits just do not shoot well. Some outfit DON’T options would be babydolls, certain corsets, fluorescent colors, salmon and lavender shades. Now, we’re not totally ruling these out, which leads us to another DO. DO schedule an outfit consultation! That way you can get a one-on-one meeting about what will work for your session.

Smooth Moves

We do suggest and recommend waxing. Just make sure to do it 4-5 days before your session to work out an irritation or bumps. When it comes to shaving, we recommend that you DO it the morning of your session. You DON’T have to be waxed. We are not saying not to do it, but a simple day-of shave will be just fine for your session.

Woman sitting on bed with a bedsheet for boudoir session dos and don'ts

Pamper your face

We strongly recommend getting a facial before your session. DO go for hydrating facials, DON’T go for deep ones like chemical peels. Plus, it is always nice to do a little pampering for yourself.

Curvy woman laying on bed in black lingerie and pearl accessories

The fine line of tan lines

We strongly recommend that you DON’T spray tan before your session. We want to glow in our skin but we do not glow orange. lol. You DO want to work out any tan lines naturally and stop tanning a week or so before your session. Just stay away from burning because you do not want to peel during your session.

tushy at boudoir dos and don'ts for skin care

Water, water everywhere

Make sure you DO drink plenty of water every day at least a week, if not more before your session. You DON’T want to have any drinks that make you feel bloated like soda or alcohol.

Woman laying on bed with black bedsheets

We hope this gave you some insight about the DOs and DON’Ts to prepare for your boudoir session. Our biggest and favorite DO is to come to your session with an open mind and a positive attitude! We promise your session will have you feeling like a Rockstar and your images will be fabulous! Come see what it’s all about by heading to our contact page.

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Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry