Bedroom Eyes | Beauty K

“Like a badass. Sexy. Empowered.” Those are the words Beauty K used to describe how she felt about her boudoir session. We are so excited to share her session because we had so much fun being creative with a specific request she wanted us to feature: her eyes! Beauty K will certainly hold you captive with her gorgeous bedroom eyes.

Woman laying on the floor in black lingerie and boudoir bedroom eyes

Ultra Sexy Lace

To make sure her eyes stood out, we kept this outfit in solid black with ultra sexy lace details. We also paired her outfit with some stunning heels. Our talented hair and makeup team did an amazing job keeping her look simple yet sexy. We used our white fur rug and antique mirror to set the scene for these gorgeous images.

Woman posing on bed with red merlot matte nails and black lingerie
Boudoir woman laying on white fur rug in black lace bodysuit and black and gold heels, looking at the camera with bedroom eyes
Woman laying on the floor in black lingerie with neutral makeup in gold tones.
Boudoir model giving bedroom eyes look with neutral makeup.
Close up of woman laying on the floor at boudoir session
Woman posing in black lacy lingerie in front of antique gilded mirror
woman looking up at the camera during bedroom eyes boudoir session
Woman laying on the floor in cheeky black lingerie
Beauty K laying on the floor showing off tattoo and black lingerie
Woman in sexy pose on the floor with window in the background

Green Satin Sheets For The Win

One of our favorite looks- daring panties and a bedsheet. For Beauty K, this look was a must! Our green satin sheets made her eyes pop and accentuated her fiery red highlights.

Some ladies may feel intimated to bare all under the sheets, but it always becomes a favorite.

Woman laying on green satin sheets wearing black lace panties
Woman laying on green satin sheets
Woman giving her bedroom eyes to the camera while laying on green satin sheets
Woman posing covered up by green satin sheets and wearing black panties
Woman sitting on boudoir bed covered up by green satin sheets
Woman with eyes closed sitting on bed with green satin sheets and black panties
Woman sitting on bed wearing cheeky black lace panties
Close up photo of woman laying on green satin sheets at boudoir session
woman facing window wearing black lace panties and she is laying on bed with green satin sheets


This edgy look was so perfect for Beauty K. Leather jacket, fishnets, knee-high boots- Oh My! Again we went with black in her outfit to make her eyes stand out. However, we also threw in some accessories to complete her look.

Woman sitting on velvet chair wearing a black leather jacket, knee-high boots and fishnet stockings
Posing in front of window in edgy boudoir outfit
Woman standing at window wearing black leather jacket
Boudoir model showing off her tushy in fishnet stockings and black knee-high boots
Woman laying on the floor wearing black leather jacket, fishnet stockings and accessories.
Woman giving bedroom eyes at boudoir session

Sexy Shower Set

We are so excited about our shower scene and Beauty K looked HOT! We picked a strappy bra and cheeky panty set for this part of her session. Her photos came out extra steamy and flirty!

Woman wearing black bra and panties while standing in a shower
Woman looking out of the shower glass wearing black bra and panties
Woman standing in a shower and posing for boudoir session
Woman posing with her hand in her hair while standing in boudoir shower set
Cheeky photo of a woman standing in shower wearing black bottoms
Sexy pose for boudoir session shower set with black halter style bra
Woman with merlot nails in boudoir session shower set

“I was so damn happy that I finally pulled the trigger and made it happen.”

– Beauty K

We always love our sessions and it is even better when we get the task of highlighting a favorite feature. Beauty K is a stunning woman, so it was an added bonus that she wanted to focus on her beautiful eyes. If you want to make it happen like Beauty K, contact us so we can start planning your session!

Woman with bedroom eyes while laying on white rug in black lace lingerie and black heels



Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry