Exotic & Beautiful – Beauty A

From the moment I first chatted with Beauty A, she told me she wanted to do this session to make her feel exotic & beautiful, but with taste and class. During our prep and design chat, I went over each set and outfit that she would be bringing in with her to make her vision come to life.

black and white photo of brunette on bed smiling

Soft & Subtle on the White Bed Set

exotic & beautiful curvy girl in black and green lace bodysuit laying on white bed

We started with the white bed set. This set is a client fave! I love it so much because the possibilities are endless when it comes to posing, outfits, and whether my gals want soft and cozy or wild and sexy. Beauty A chose to lean more towards the middle of that scale.

gorgeous brunette in lingerie on white bed boudoir
curvy brunette in black and green lace bra and panties laying on white bed with hair hanging down the side

Floral Wall

curvy brunette laying on pink sofa with floral backdrop in black lace teddy

The next set Beauty A chose was another client favorite–the pink floral wall. She looks STUNNING in these shots, and I adore the way the black lace and black heels look against the vintage pink sofa.

stunning brunette in black lace teddy and heels laying on black fur rug

“I highly, HIGHLY recommend Bumby for your Boudoir Photoshoot. She is AMAZING, she makes you feel comfortable, she accentuates and highlights all of her client’s features. Never ever, have I ever felt so beautiful. When I saw the photos, my mouth was just on the floor. I cried. I couldn’t believe that was me. If there is ever something I can say to encourage you, the person reading this, is to GO FOR IT. It is worth every penny and trust me, I look at my photos and I smile because I am so glad I had the courage to do it and that I did it with the right person. Bumby, she is truly the best at what she does. Her hair and makeup team is AMAZING as well! Shout out to Diana who did my hair and makeup so beautifully! I wish I could give 10 stars!!!” -Beauty A

curvy brunette in blue teddy sitting on floor in front of mirror
curvy brunette in blue lace teddy laying on floor with white rug

Talk about a smoke show 🔥

sexy brunette wrapped in red satin sheets

I truly mean it when I tell you I am OBSESSED with this particular set. Beauty A looks absolutely HOT in wrapped in these red satin sheets. The way her dark hair bounces off of the red truly does give that exotic & beautiful I always love watching my clients confidence grow as the shoot moves along, and I watched Beauty A come alive in this one!

curvy brunette in black lace panties, wrapped in red satin sheets
brunette topless laying on bed with red satin sheets

When Beauty A came in for her ordering appointment and saw her photos for the first time we both cried. I adore getting to show my clients how beautiful they truly are, and Beauty A is no exception. She truly did look as exotic & beautiful as she wanted.

If you are on the fence about taking the leap and scheduling your boudoir session, let’s chat!

Photography:Boudoir By Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

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