Boudoir Studio Sets – Green Sofa Set

The next set I want to talk about is the green sofa set. This set is one of the lighter sets I have. The light green color is soft and sensual, and there are a wide variety of pose possibilities with this sofa.
From sitting, standing, and laying down–you’re sure to feel beautiful while on this set.

curvy mixed woman in pink lingerie set in front of green sofa set
red head with red lips in red sweater with book on green sofa

Off-the-Shoulder Sweaters are SEXY!

brunette in cream sweater with pearl necklace on green sofa with eyes closed

I love to pair this set with soft colors and sweaters. I think the subtle colors make my gals look sweet, yet sexy. The off-the-shoulder sweater look adds to the sexiness of the shoot without showing too much skin. Which makes this set a favorite for my more conservative clients. Many gals think it’s not possible to look sexy without showing a lot of skin, but I will show you that you can be and these images just prove that you can be sexy in a sweater.

stunning girl in grey sweater and necklace laying on green sofa set
girl laying on rug in front of green sofa set with grey off-the-shoulder sweater

One thing I love about the green sofa set is that it goes so well with a wide variety of colors for outfits. From black and white, to other shades of green–they all play off of the soft green of the sofa making the client truly shine no matter what color we decide on for her particular shoot. Adding jewelry or heels into the mix just adds to the shoot in the best way possible.

gorgeous blonde with pixie cut in black lace teddy and pearls
brunette laying on green sofa in dark green glitter teddy with black heels

The versatility of this green sofa set is one of the reasons why my clients choose it again and again.
It caters to all body types, pose positions, and lighting. With the Posing 101 course I go through with each gal before her shoot, we are sure to find the perfect angle for you on this set.

brunette girl with stunning blue eyes in white lingerie on green sofa

Hair & Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry (Images 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8)

Hair & Makeup Image #4: Fifth and Eighth Beauty

Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

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