Empowered & Sexy – Beauty S

Beauty S decided to take the leap & schedule her boudoir shoot to continue her journey of healing, self love, & weight loss. She wanted to feel empowered & sexy in her own skin. I love when my clients tell me the reason for their shoot is for themself. I strive to encourage gals that you can do boudoir for YOU!

empowered & sexy red head in grey sweatshirt and black panties with bright red lips
curvy red head in oversized grey sweater on white fur rug

Just like many of my clients, Beauty S was nervous at the beginning of her session, but thanks to our wonderful hair & makeup team & the posing 101 crash course I do at the beginning of each session, she soon relaxed & I could see her confidence grow. Once she felt comfortable, the true magic happened!

curvy red head with red lips in oversized grey sweatshirt and black thong on white fur rug

CONFIDENCE ALERT!!! This next photo says it all. The look in those eyes. Definitely speaks empowered & sexy with a side of confidence.

stunning red head in bright red lingerie set on white bed

“I felt energized & confident when I left the studio.” -Beauty S

stunning plus size red headed woman in red lingerie set on white bed
gorgeous red head in green teddy laying on white fur rug on the floor

Can we talk about how stunning this green teddy looks on Beauty S with her red hair!? The colors go so perfectly together—not to mention the gorgeous heels that complete this look.

curvy woman in green lace teddy and black stilettos with back arched on the floor
stunning red head in green lacy bodysuit and heels on white fur rug looking up at the camera
curvy girl with red hair in black bra and panty and garter set smiling in front of window sexy & empowered

“I felt empowered, sexy, beautiful, & comfortable in my own skin after seeing my images.” -Beauty S

stunning red head in red heels wrapped in black satin sheets on bed
curvy red head in red panties and red heels on bed covered with black satin sheets sexy & empowered
curvy girl in black panties and white tank top in the shower

Beauty S chose to end her session with our shower set. This is one of the newest sets in the studio, but it has quickly become a client favorite. These sexy shots with water added = ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

curvy woman in black patines and white top in shower smiling big
curvy red head in white tank top and black panties in shower

If you are on the fence about taking the leap and scheduling your boudoir session, let’s chat!  We have our 2024 New Year New You special going on right now. Celebrate yourself and take the leap!

Photography:Boudoir By Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

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