Boudoir Studio Sets – Blue Chair Set

The next set in this series is going to be the blue chair set. I purchased this from a friend who owned a vintage events rental company. It has been a part of the studio for six years now. This antique chair has been the set for many of the gals that have come into the studio.

gorgeous brunette in black lace and floral bodysuit on blue chair set
stunning blonde in black leather jacket and fishnet stockings on blue chair

One thing I love about this blue chair set is how well it works with my blue-eyed gals. The blue of the chair really makes those blue eyes POP! Not to say that my gals with other eye colors won’t look fabulous on this set–all of the gals that use choose this set look stunning!

brunette in black bodysuit and black heels on blue chair with white furry rug
blonde in black lace lingerie on blue chair

I adore the versatility of this set. The posing options have a wide range from standing, laying, sitting, and everything in between–I can assure you that I will get the shot with this chair. The outfit choices are also endless when it comes to this set. Simple lingerie sets, jackets, sweaters, jewelry, heels, and everything in between. I will help you choose the perfect outfit for you during the prep and design phone call that I have with all my clients before their photoshoot day.

gorgeous woman with black hair, draped in pearls with green heels on blue chair
woman in red strappy lingerie sitting on top of wing backed vintage chair

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It is my goal to help to make each client feel confident and sexy from the moment they walk into the studio all the way to the reveal of their images at their viewing appointment. If you are on the fence about taking the leap and scheduling your boudoir session, let’s chat! 

Photography:Boudoir By Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

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