Couples Boudoir — Igniting the Passion

Following up from out last post about Mr. J’s “dudedoir” session comes the couples boudoir session that followed it. This session was so much fun to shoot. From the surprise of the shoot itself to the fun, sensual moments during, and the grand reveal of the photos afterwards–it was a truly remarkable journey for the couple and for myself.

couples boudoir session on black bed set

It isn’t just about the pictures. These sessions are all about the experience. The trust and vulnerability that each person gives is incredible to witness. I love to watch my clients come alive with each other–glowing and confidence growing as they fall in sync with their partner to make these sessions truly extraordinary.

curvy woman in green lace teddy sitting on bed while man in boxers kisses her inner thigh

What made you want to do a couples boudoir session?

“I wanted to surprise him because after doing my own session and seeing how much he enjoyed the pictures, I wanted to tastefully capture our connection together.” –Beauty C

couple on bed with man over woman kissing her jawline

The surprise that Mr. J experienced from his wife being there to do this photoshoot really made this shoot as powerful as it was. I feel like he truly came alive when his wife was there, and watching them interact with each other was so exciting.

woman straddling mans lap in green lace lingerie on bed while man kisses her breast
woman sitting on bed in front of man as she undresses him

“Sharing this experience withe the man that makes me feel like I am the most sexy woman alive is indescribable. Do this for your partner, yourself, and your relationship.” -Beauty C

woman on top of man kissing on black bed set for couples boudoir session

Are you interested in a couples boudoir session? I’d love to chat with you about it!

Hair & Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

Photography: Boudoir by Bumby

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