Breaking the Norm — Male Boudoir

Let’s talk about straying from traditional boudoir with a male client. Mr. J came into the studio with his wife to do a couples boudoir photoshoot, and breaking the norm, he decided to have his own boudoir session. He was the biggest cheerleader for his wife after her boudoir session, and decided he wanted to gift her with his own shoot.

man in black and blue kilt and boots with standing next to window with kilt tucked in, breaking the norm

Who says boudoir is just for women?

Male boudoir, also referred to as “dudeoir,” is becoming much more popular with men of all ages and backgrounds. I love being able to push stereotypes out the door and bring out the confidence and sensuality that came with this shoot.

brunette man sitting on bed with black sheets nude

Vulnerability and trust go hand in hand with any boudoir photoshoot, and a male boudoir
session is no exception. Mr. J let his guard down, and I was able to truly capture the
essence of what men’s boudoir should be. He blossomed in front of the
camera, and I had the best time breaking the norm with this shoot.

How did you feel going into your shoot?

“I felt comfortable, confident, and relaxed. With the prep meeting to go over outfits and poses. there was no pressure to pose or dress in a way I did not want to.” -Mr. J

brunette man shirtless looking out window

We planned his shoot and as a bonus we did a final set where his wife surprised him to be a part of it! She and I planned it perfectly. While we were outside getting his motorcycle shots, she was in the studio getting her hair and makeup done. Keep an eye out for our next blog post about their couples session.

man on motorcycle in black shirt and blue jeans breaking the norm

If a man is on the fence, what would you say to him?

“When you hear the phrase boudoir session what do you think? I can tell you it isn’t getting naked and having someone take pictures of you. It is about capturing you for who you are with a little “spice and passion.” As a bigger man that has struggled with my body image for quite some time–I can tell you that when my wife saw these images of me her reaction was priceless. In that moment it boosted my confidence and reassured me that she wants and loves me for me and nothing else. If you are on the fence about doing a session, I say do it. Do it for you. Do it for her or him.” -Mr. J

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Photography:Boudoir By Bumby

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