Boudoir Studio Set – Satin Bed Sheets

The next set in our ‘boudoir studio sets’ series is our satin bed sheets. This set is used in 90% of my clients photoshoots because there are three different sheet color choices to make each gal’s experience and photos unique.

stunning woman with black hair and red lips tangled in satin bed sheets

Black Satin

The black satin sheets make all colors POP! One of the main colors I recommend with this sheet set is red because I adore the way the red plays off of the black. From red lips to red lingerie, panties, heels, and everything in between–the clients that choose this set are sure to look fierce!

beautiful blonde in red panties and tangled in black sheets

Emerald Green

blonde with soft makeup wrapped in green sheets

These green satin bed sheets started at the old studio. Because of limited space, I used to swap them out with the white bed set sheets, but I knew when I got into the new studio that I wanted to give them a permanent studio set. Once in the new studio, I painted the headboard black and gold, and added in the other satin sheet colors. Emerald is my favorite color, so these are definitely a fave of mine.

curvy woman in black bra and panty set with fishnets tangled in green satin sheets
curly-haired brunette laying on bed with red satin sheets wrapped around her

Burgundy – Reddish

The third color satin sheets we have is burgundy reddish. These sheets scream sultry and sexy to me. I love to see my clients wrapped in them like a gift on Christmas morning. These sheets pair well with many colors, but like the black sheets–I like to pair these with black because the two colors just pop together.

curvy brunette in black lace panties covering herself with red satin sheets

We are considering adding more colors to this collection in the future, so keep an eye out for that.
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Photography:Boudoir By Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

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