Mad About Blue | Beauty J

Hey everyone! I would like to introduce you to the lovely Beauty J in this week’s feature that we are calling Mad About Blue.

We were so excited to get going on this session, because we were loving her outfit picks. For her session, Beauty J decided to go with a two looks. They were very different and looked amazing on her!

The session started off with us having a chat about her outfit choices and what was going to happen throughout her session. I also like to make sure to preview some poses so everyone knows what to expect.

From there we moved onto the hair and makeup transformation. Our talented makeup artist enhanced Beauty J’s gorgeous eyes and flawless skin. If our ladies are ever feeling nervous walking into their session, the hair and makeup transformation is definitely when the nerves begin to take a backseat and the excitement takes the wheel.

All about the blues

We began the session in a cute white shirt with cutouts in all the right places. It was a great mix of covered yet super sexy! You know I love accessories, so I love that she brought in a long layered necklace. The blue accents went perfectly with her blue bottoms. Totally digging this look on her!

Another outfit pick is this bra and panty set. If you read What to Wear to Your Boudoir Session, we talked about how this classic look is a great option.

We are so thrilled to be able to share Beauty J’s glamorous photos with you all! We hope you all got some great ideas for your session. When we asked Beauty J what she would tell ladies who are on the fence about whether or not to have a session, her response was, “just do it!”

We absolutely agree with her, so contact us to book your session now! Also, we have a private Facebook group called Fearlessly Gorgeous Gals, where you can be a part of a community of women who focus on uplifting each other every day. We cannot wait to see you there!!



Photography: BB By Bumby

Location: BB By Bumby Studio

Hair and Makeup: Karmel Design Team

Mad About Blue