Age Is Just a Number | Beauty B

As you may have guessed, this week’s post is all about celebrating beauty at any age. Our lovely Beauty B had an amazing session last month and we are so excited to share it. You probably won’t believe your eyes, but this gorgeous gal just turned 58 years old!! She is stunning inside and out, which makes her the perfect example of how Age Is Just a Number.

An unbelievable session

We had so much fun getting to know this beauty. During her prep phase she was unsure about which outfits to pick for her shoot, but we deal with that often. I told her to bring whatever she wanted and we would go through them on the day of her session. After picking her outfits, she went on over for hair and makeup. I should have filmed the moment she saw herself all dolled up, because her shocked expression was the best!

Afterwards, we hit the ground running in my favorite outfit she brought in. It could be because green is my favorite color, but I think that aside, it was a stunning bodysuit. The sparkles bring a youthful glow to the outfit and the color against her flawless skin is the cherry on top.

Beauty B laying on a bed in age is just a number boudoir session
Model with green sparkly green bodysuit
Black and white photo in boudoir studio
Woman laying on pale green couch.
Lady sitting on white fur rug
Woman laying on shite fur rug in sparkly green outfit.
Black and white photo of lady laying on the floor at boudoir session.

This next look I call sexy glam. I love the black lace on her outfit and I’m ready to order those shoes in my size. They are to die for!!

Woman laying on white fur rug in black lace lingerie set
Black and white close up of black lace lingerie outfit
Woman posing during boudoir session

This final look was a fun one! I love it when our gals bring in something personal, because it is just another way I get to know them better. This side of Beauty B shows off a bit of her daredevil side and we are loving every moment.

lady in sports gear sitting on blue, red, and black helmet
Lady sitting on the floor in sports gear in age is just a number boudoir session.

A few words from the beauty herself

Beauty B said she never thought this was something she would ever do. She took a chance and jumped right in! She said this was the time to do it and to do it for herself. We love that attitude!!

Beauty B has inspired us to live a little, because in the grand scheme of things, age really is just a number. Her Google Review says is all:

“Never thought I would ever do anything like this at 58 years old and not only enjoy it but highly recommend the experience to others. Bumby is professional creative
Artistic and a phenomenal photographer with an eye for what works for each client. But truly is a wonderful caring warm person whose personality creates an empowering and comfortable fun atmosphere that brings out your true beauty by being yourself. Only better and truer without the editing we all like to self talk ourselves out of doing adventurous fun things. Take the leap girls. It was the best day and greatest gift you can give yourself. She’s terrific in every way. We all need and deserve a Bumby in our lives.”

Love yourself first

We always talk about accepting and loving ourselves as we are now. I feel like sometimes women give themselves a hard time about how they look. To me, everyone is unique and beautiful, so I make it my mission to show you that no matter your size, shape, and age, it all deserves to be celebrated!!

I even created a Facebook Group, Fearless Gorgeous Gals as a place women can go for encouragement and to celebrate how amazing we are. Head over and join now!

We hope this post has given you a bit of confidence when it comes to booking your own session. Take a cue from Beauty B and just go for it, because I guarantee you are not going to regret it!



Photography: BB By Bumby

Location: BB By Bumby Studio

Hair and Makeup: Karmel Design Team

Age Is Just a Number