Glam Goddess | Beauty C | Orlando Boudoir Photographer

Everyone meet Beauty C!! Her session is one of those that we could not wait to share. She brought so much light and energy to our studio when she came in for her session. Along with her rockstar attitude, she came with some amazing outfit picks. If you are needing any outfit ideas for your own boudoir session, this Glam Goddess is full of inspiration.

We always love the planning process because that is when all the ideas start flowing. We always encourage our ladies to make picks that make them feel confident inside and out. Just like when you wear your favorite pair of pants or comfy sweater, how you feel in your boudoir outfits will transfer directly to your photos- and we want you to feel like a trillion dollars.

That is why we were so excited to get Beauty C’s session started. We knew she had so many amazing outfit picks, so we could not wait to get her in the studio. After going over her looks and preparing her for what to expect during her session, she headed over to our lovely hair and makeup team, Karmel Design Team Artistry. Our hair and makeup team is the best! They do a spectacular job of enhancing beauty instead of just slathering on a ton of makeup. When Beauty C came out looking fresh and confidant, we were ready to get started.

Our goddess divine in bold red

Red is one of those colors that will always make a bold statement. Lounging on one of our antique couches, Beauty C totally rocked this look.

Beauty C looking like a Glam Goddess in red lingerie at Orlando Boudoir session
Model laying on an antique couch wearing red lingerie and black pumps
Beauty C in red lingerie laying down on an antique couch

This is one of our favorite looks paired with our floral wall

The moment we saw her black mesh and lace lingerie, we knew it had to be shown off with our floral wall and antique rose gold couch. Her gorgeous smile was icing on the cake!

Beauty C in black lingerie smiling at the camera while posing on an antique rose gold couch in front of a floral wall feature
Model smiling at the camera in black boudoir outfit
Beauty C laying on antique pink couch in front of floral feature wall in Orlando boudoir studio
Black and white photo of boudoir mom sitting on the floor resting her head on a couch and smiling
Boudoir mom sitting on a white fur rug while smiling big for the camera at glam boudoir session

Blue lace fit for a true goddess

We love this outfit so much! Bodysuits are our favorites and this one looked super chic on Beauty C.

Boudoir mama in lace blue lingerie posing on the floor
Boudoir model sitting on white rug in blue lace lingerie and resting her head on teal chair
Tushy shot of boudoir mom in blue lace lingerie bodysuit.

Once more in purple

Another gorgeous outfit Beauty C brought in was this bright, bold bodysuit in a beautiful shade of purple.

Modeling on white bed in purple lace lingerie bodysuit and black shoes at Orlando boudoir session
Black and white portrait of Beauty C laying on a bed with her hands in her hair
Beauty C laying on a white bed in purple lingerie bodysuit and smiling at the camera

Classic black outfits to round out this goddess’ session

Beauty C’s off-the-shoulder look was the perfect mix of sexy and stylish. The details made her outfit all the more intriguing.

Orlando boudoir photographer viewpoint standing above boudoir model in black lingerie
Black and white photo of Beauty C at boudoir session
Beauty C smiling with her hand running through her hair while sitting on the floor in black lingerie
Portrait of boudoir mom in black lingerie bodysuit
Glam photo of boudoir goddess in black lingerie bodysuit looking at the camera
Beauty C in floral and skull print lingerie laying on a white bed in Orlando boudoir photographer's studio

Beauty C’s session was so much fun! Spending the time to get to know her and designing one amazing session was everything we love. To book your own boudoir session, head over to our website to get started. You also want to be a member of our private Facebook Group, Fearlessly Gorgeous Gals. It is a group made to uplift and empower amazing women. We also feature more sessions, behind the scenes previews, giveaways, and so much more.

We look forward to seeing you for another one of our gorgeous sessions coming soon.



Photography: Boudoir By Bumby

Location: Boudoir By Bumby Studio

Hair and Makeup: Karmel Design Team