Boudoir Studio Set – Floor Set

The next set in our “boudoir studio sets” series is our floor set. This set is probably the most versatile set I have to offer to my clients. The poses and outfit choices are endless with this set.

curly haired brunette in sports tank top and panties with football in the back on floor set

Customizing your session to fit you

This is a great set to customize and cater towards your special someone and their work, hobbies–or to customize with your own special talents, hobbies, or career. I love it when my clients bring in their own personal items to add to this set because it is those items that truly make these shots one of a kind.

woman with orange mohawk drinking coffee out of funny mug
curvy red head in grey sweater on white rug on floor set

This set is great for all body types because I cater the posing to each client based on what they feel comfortable with as well as the items we choose to use in the set. During the Posing 101 crash course I do with all of my clients before their shoot, I discuss what they truly feel comfortable with in order to make their session unforgettable in the best way!

stunning brunette with blonde streak laying on floor with fireman helmet across chest
black and white photo of brunette in jeans, boots, and cowboy hat on cowprint rug

Sometimes it’s just as simple as the wood floor or only a rug, while other times I will incorporate plants, chairs, or any props that the client brings with them to make the session unique to them.

brunette wrapped in yarn on white fur rug laying on back

With the dark wood floors and different color choices for the rugs, the color options for outfits are also endless. This set is great for sexy lingerie, sweaters, full clothing, or even nude. I feel like I truly get to capture the essence of who each of my gals are with this floor set–which I believe is what makes a boudoir session so memorable.

brunette in white bra and panty set on stomach on floor set
blonde in jean shorts and white top laying on white fur rug with pink lollipop

If you are on the fence about taking the leap and scheduling your boudoir session, let’s chat! 

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Photography:Boudoir By Bumby

Hair/Makeup: Karmel Design Team Artistry

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